Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Installation Experiment 2012 [Folded Terrain - by Barbara Cooper]

Folded Terrain - by Barbara Cooper
S Halsted Street, Chicago
As part of  exhibition,"The Installation Experiment" 2012.
Location: 1826 - 1843 S Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60616.

The marker reads...
Folded Terrain - As the film "Between the Folds" suggests , folding involves compaction and expansion and is found in many places and scales in our lives. For example, geological strata folds to create mountains. proteins in the brain, airbags in our cars, petals in a flower, all fold and unfold as they function. It is a means to make a compact form out of something voluminous and to create 3-dimensional structure from a flat plane of material. A fold implies an unfolding and vice versa and thus embeds movement into form.
Barbara Cooper with her work "Folded Terrain"


The Installation Experiment, 2012 .. click here..

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