Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moving Forward: NEW Developments

I have not updated this blog in quite sometime. But I have not quit documenting Public Art in Chicago.. Here are some New Developments that has been consuming my time..

My own website.. "Public Art in Chicago" click here..
This was long overdue. It  is the same as my blog, but much more personal..
About Me: click here..
My Commissions: click here..
This will be more of a sculptor based website..
The website is in various stages of incompleteness...


Past few days I have been learning video editing which has been taking a lot of time. But it's something I needed to learn, and it captures the moments very effectively.


A new development I am honored to have. It's an Ongoing Project. I am working with Vector Fabricating to document the immense contribution Vector has in the art scene of Chicago and other cities. The website, "Vector and Friends" is in the making.. click here..

So YES I have been working on Public Art in  Chicago, only at a much more deeper level..

Here are some of the updates on my new website,  "Public Art in Chicago" click here..

Coming soon, Installation of Jun Kaneko's artwork at Millennium Park..

Recasting of a 1942 sculpture click here..
Original by Harrison Gibbs,
Recasting by Marshall Svendsen.
To be installed at Peoria Riverfront Museum.
This post has some cool videos..

Equinox Iron Pour  click here..
A Fire Carnival at Lunarburn Studio
Opening Reception of

Rising Up: Hale Woodruff's Murals at Talladega College
At Chicago Cultural Center
2013 St. Patrick's Day
Dyeing of Chicago River..   click here..
Picasso's Women.. click here..
So see you at ..
My own website.. "Public Art in Chicago" click here..
My ongoing commission..  "Vector and Friends" click here..

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