Monday, September 1, 2008

Grant Park [Sitting Lincoln - by Augustus Saint Gaudens

Lincoln Statue ...
Location: North President's Court, Grant Park ..
Sculptor: Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Architect: Stanford White designed the enormous 150-foot semi-circular exedra ..
Unveiled: 1926 ...
A gift to the city of Chicago by John Crerar, who left a $100,000 bequest in 1889 to construct a Lincoln statue. His trustees commissioned the sculptor Augustus Saint Gaudens to create this tribute ..

Although Saint-Gaudens "Standing Lincoln".. in the Lincoln Park ... [click here] ... is often considered superior to this sculpture, the artist worked laboriously to have the "Seated Lincoln" evoke the sense of loneliness that burdened Lincoln at the time of the Civil War. It was cast in 1908. However the monument was not installed in 1926. In the interim period, the Seated Lincoln was displayed at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the 1915 San Francisco Exposition. Finally, in 1926, the South Park Commissioners installed the bronze figure and its enormous 150-foot wide marble setting, known as an exedra, by architect Stanford White.

"Standing Lincoln" and "Sitting Lincoln"
The above mentioned statue at the Grant Park is often called as the "Sitting Lincoln" ... to diffrentiate it from another famous statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Park called as "Standing Lincoln" ... and this is also by the same sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens ... and the same architect Stanford White ... For more on "Standing Lincoln" ... click here ... 

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