Friday, June 1, 2007

Gardens and Conservatories

Three theme gardens, esconsed in three parts of the city..

Lurie Garden [Millennium Park]
Cancer Survivor's Garden [Grant Park]
Spirit of Music Garden [Grant Park]
Rose Garden [Grant Park]
Gardens in Grant Park..
Gardens in Grant Park includes, Grant Park Formal Garden, Congress Triangle Garden, Congress Plaza Gardens, The Spirit of Music Garden, Sir Georg Solti Garden, South President's Court, North President's Court, Buckingham Fountain flower gardens, Rose gardens, Cancer Survivors Garden..

Art Institute of Chicago:
South Garden
North Garden

Lincoln Park
Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool [Lincoln Park]
Grandmother's Garden [Lincoln Park]
Formal Garden[Lincoln Park]
Nature Broadwalk
Oz Park[Lincoln Park]

Humboldt Park
Humboldt Park [Field House, Boat House, Lagoons, Sculptures and more]

Jackson Park
Osaka Japanese Garden, Jackson Park..
Animal Bridge [Jackson Park]

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