Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Art Loop 2012 [Color Jam - by Jessica Stockholder]


Art Loop 2012 presents..
Color Jam
By Jessica Stockholder

Massive in scale and playful in its use of public space, Color Jam invites you to walk on, in, and through a work of art. Between June and September, the the intersection of State and Adams is transformed into an artist's canvas as part of Art Loop 2012: an award winning series that activates winning series but activates the Loop with contemporary art. Commissioned by Chicago Loop Alliance, renowned artist Jessica Stockholder envisions a three-dimensional painting that saturates buildings, infrastructure, and the public way with bold colors.

Previous years..
Art Loop 2011 [Go Do Good - by Kay Rosen]..

The above images are of the intersection of Adams and State Streets. There are more decor on the State Street heralding the Color Jam..


Art Loop 2011 [Go Do Good - by Kay Rosen]..
Art Loop 2010 [Eye and Cardinal - by Tony Tasset]..

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