Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The making of "Bulldog and Hydrant", by Marshall Svendsen [Part - III]

The making of "Bulldog and Hydrant" [Part-III]..
by Marshall Svendsen..
I have met with Marshall a few times, but as far as documenting the making of this sculpture is concerned, today [Jan 25, 2011] was my third visit..
I have put images from my earlier visits..
# Jan 16, 2011..Making of "Bulldog and Hydrant" [Part-II] ..
# Dec 30, 2010.. Making of "Bulldog and Hydrant" [Part-I]..

In today's visit I saw the process of patina of the bronze sculpture..
When cast in bronze, the sculpture looks golden in color. Patina is the surface color of bronze. It can be natural or man-made. Here we are talking about the man-made patina, as a result of reaction of copper with chemicals.. In the case of this sculpture, I saw Marshall use two types of chemicals. He began with Liver of Sulfur and later used Ferric Nitrate.. These chemicals were sprayed on the sculptural piece and then the piece was torch-heated, for the chemical reaction to expedite.. The process was repeated over and over again..to get the desired result..

When I arrived, the sculpture was on the table. Before any work could begin, it was essential that the sculptural piece be put at a spot where the patina process could be carried out.. So it was lifted and placed on the floor..

Soap rinsing of the sculpture..

Preparing the chemical spray [Liver of Sulfur]..

Spraying chemicals. Initially the chemical concentration is low, to see the changes..

The chemical reaction is expedited by heating the sculpture..

More chemical and more heating.. The process of spraying chemicals and heating is repeated over and over again, till the desired colors are achieved.. Notice the fumes coming out..Also notice, the work suit is taken off by now.. as the sculptor is heated up too.. Not it's simple jeans and T-shirt..

The sculpture is rinsed many times, after torch-heating, to see the true colors..

The sculpture is also scrubbed a number of times for the highlights, and color variations....

By this time, the color of the sculpture has changed significantly..
Marshall was not yet satisfied, and he needed to carry on the work and I had to leave, to avoid the rush hour traffic..
I hope to see the installation of this piece..
Marshall, I cannot Thank You enough, for the privilege of allowing me to document the process and share it with others, through my blog..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Universe - by Alexander Calder [Willis Tower]

by Alexander Calder..
Location: Willis Tower lobby, S.Wacker Drive entrance..

The underlying sense of form in my work has been the system of the Universe, or part thereof...[Alexander Calder]

Each element can move, shift or sway back & forth in a changing relation to each of the other elements in the universe. Thus, they reveal not only isolated moments, but a physical law or variation among the elements of life. Not extractions, but abstractions. Abstractions which resemble no living things except by their manner of reacting... [Alexander Calder]

The Alexander Calder signature..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Temporary Sculptural Exhibit at Willis Tower by Mike Baur..

Temporary Exhibit at Willis Tower.. by Mike Baur..
I have very little information here.. Any information is welcome..
If I am not mistaken there are 9 sculptural pieces, five in the front lobby [S. Wacker Drive entrance] and another four in the inner lobby..
All I know is that these were installed last weekend [Jan 15/16, 2011].. Most [or all] of these pieces are fabricated at the Vector Fabricating, and our dear friend Adrian Calderon helped Mike Baur with the installation.

Blue Mast, by Mike Baur..
2009 / steel, PVC and concrete / 31"H x 23"W x 13"D..

From left.. Staff, Knight and Bow..

Staff, by Mike Baur..
2008/ steel, PVC and cast iron / 35"H x 21"W x 10"D

Knight, by Mike Baur..
2008/ Steel and concrete / 20"H x 23"W x 10"D..

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Willis Tower / Sears Tower ... [More than 50,000 unique views]

Willis Tower / Sears Tower
Top tourist destination of Chicago..
Skydeck and the Ledge at Willis Tower
For more information, images and videos on Willis Tower, click here..

I also realize that this is one of the most copied images of mine ..
Please give photo credit while using images..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cliff Dwellers [Sculptours presents "The Nature of Things", organic sculptures by Vivian Visser...

Temporary Exhibit at Cliff Dwellers
"The Nature of Things"..
Organic Sculptures by Vivian Visser..
There is also a painting display by Jennifer Webster..
Curated by Christine Rojek of Sculptours..

Willow, Digger Cone, Steel /12x17x53 inches, [laying]

Willow, Digger Cone, Steel/ 52X15X12 inches [standing]

Wood and Raffia/ 20X7X5 inches..

Wiggle Root
Willow, Pods, Wood/ 30x16x9..

Willow and Pine Cones / 19x10x8 inches..

These small-scale sculptures are placed along the glass-windows of the 22nd flor penthouse..

There was also a stunning "New Works on Canvas" show by Jennifer Webster.. which I should cover later..

And before I started my photography, I warmed up at this beautiful fireplace..

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