Friday, May 4, 2007

Vacation: Feb 2012 [Las Vegas, Nevada]

# Vacation: Feb 2012 [Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, back to Los Angeles and then back to Chicago]..

Las Vagas
# Las Vagas: Nevada..

Vacation 2012: Arizona: Grand Canyon

# Vacation: Feb 2012 [Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, back to Los Angeles and then back to Chicago] ..

Arizona: Grand Canyon 
# Arizona: Grand Canyon..

Vacation 2012: Hoover Dam


# Vacation: Feb 2012 [Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, back to Los Angeles and then back to Chicago] ...

# Hoover Dam [Nevada and Arizona...
# Hoover Dam: Oskar Hansen's Sculptures.
# Road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles..

# California: Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

# Vacation: Feb 2012 [Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, back to Los Angeles and then back to Chicago]  .. 

# Hollywood: Universal Studio .. 
# California: Orange County: Laguna Beach ...
# California: Los Angeles: Disneyland Park ...
# Los Angeles: Movie Stars Home Tours .. 
# Beverly Hills: Rodeo Drive - Walk of Style ...
# Hollywood and Highland Center and Hollywood Walk of Fame ...
# Hollywood and Highland Center: "Road to Hollywood How some of us got here"
# Road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles .. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Urbana Champaign, Illinois

A Day Trip to Urbana-Champaign, Illinois..
July 3, 2012..

The trip is divided into four parts..
[1] Part I  [UIUC Campus] .. click here...
[2] Part II [ Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion: Outdoor Sculptures].. click here
[3] Part III  [Krannert Art Museum: Lorado Taft]   click here
[4] Part IV  [ Wendell Sculpture Garden in Meadowbrook Park].. click here..

Some more details..
UIUC Campus
Alma Mater - by Lorado Taft.. click here
Fragments of "Fountain of Creation"- by Lorado Taft.. click here
Diana Fountain - by Carl Milles here
Eternal Flame.. click here

McFarland Memorial
Morrow Plots click here...
Darwin's Playground - by Anthony G. Tasset.. click here
Argonaut III - by Ed McCullough.. click here
Aurora I - by Bruce White.. click here
Tree of Life Fantasy - by Alice Aycock
Night Train - by Michael Dunbar.. click here
Nathan Austin Weston Memorial
Centennial - by Robert Youngman .. click here..

Mananaan - by Alexander Lieberman click here
Computing A Future - by J. Seward Johnson Jr., click here...
Upwells - by Stephen Luecking.. click here..
Science and Arts - by Charles A. Beil and Leon Hermant

New York City

Two Weeks Summer Vacation [Trip to New York City, Washington DC, New Jersey and Philadelphia

New York City..
# NYC: Federal Hall National Memorial [Birthplace of American Government]...
# NYC: Grand Central Terminal ...
# NYC: Brooklyn Bridge ...
# NYC: Ground Zero..
Empire State Bldg
# MOMA - Sculture Garden..
# MOMA - Picasso at MOMA...
# Noguchi Museum...
# Some favourite Public Art pieces in NY City..
# United Nations Plaza - sculptures...
# Noguchi Museum ...
# Continents - by Daniel Chester French
Central Park..
# Columbus Circle - Columbus Monument
# Columbus Circle: USS Maine National Monument..

Rockefeller Center: Art Deco Artwork ..
Rockefeller Center - Wisdom, Sound & Light - by Lee Lawrie ...
Rockefeller Center - Prometheus & more - by Paul Manship ...
Rockefeller Center [Morning, Present, Evening - by Robert Garrison]
Rockefeller Center [Artwork by Barry Faulker and Gaston Lachaise
Rockefeller Center [Friendship between America and France - by Alfred Janniot
Rockefeller Center - Channel Gardens - Rene Paul Chambellan
Rockefeller Center sculptures "Television" - by Leo Friedlander
Rockefeller Center - Prometheus & Mankind Figures - by Paul Manship

Trip to New York City: A Daily Blog..
# Trip to NYC: Day Three..
# Trip to NYC: Day Four..
# Trip to NYC: Day Five ...
# Trip to NYC: Day Six...

# ..

Washington DC

US Capitol Bldg...
# US Capitol Bldg. - The Rotunda..
# US Capitol Bldg. - fresco "The Apotheosis of Washington", by Constantino Brumidi] ...
# US Capitol Bldg - The Statue of Freedom, by Thomas Crawford
# US Capitol Bldg. - National Statutory Hall..

Washington DC: Union Station
# Washington DC - Union Station..
# Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain ...

Monuments and Memorials..
# Washington DC: Monuments and Memorials
# Washington Memorial..
# Lincoln Memorial.
# National WW-II Memorial..
# Korean War Veteran Memorial..
# Peace Monument/ Naval Monument..
# Monument to Swedish-American inventor- John Ericsson...
# First Division memorial /Head of Victory...
# Arlington memorial bridge and statues..
# Christopher Columbus Memorial Fountain ...
# National Mall - July 4th Parade..

# Two Weeks Summer Vacation [Trip to New York City, Washington DC, New Jersey and Philadelphia] ...

# ...
# ...
# ...
# ..

Beyond Chicago

Wish I could travel much much more..

Governors State University
# Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park - North Trail ...
# Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park - South Trail...

Oregon, IL

Oregon, IL

Urbana Champaign, IL
Urbana-Champaign, IL

Beyond Illinois
# Washington DC..
# New York City, New York ...
# Philadelphia, Pennsylvania..
# Los Angeles, California..
# Hoover Dam: Arizona and Nevada
# Grand Canyon: Arizona..
# Las Vegas, Nevada..
# Grand Rapids, Michigan..
# Milwaukee, Wisconsin..
# Purdue North-Central, Indiana
# Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana
Pan and Syrinx - by Roger White and Adolph Wolter
DePew Memorial Fountain - by Alexander Stirling Calder and Henry Bacon

Day Trip to Oregon, IL

 A Day Trip to Oregon: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Part I: Lorado Taft
[The Eternal Indian - by Lorado here..
 & works by artists at Eagle Nest Colony at Oregon Public Library]
Part II: Community Art Legacy Program
Part III [Paths of Conviction, Footsteps of Fate - by Jeff Adams]
The Eternal Indian - by Lorado Taft]

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Art Chicago, 2010

Its's time for Art Chicago 2011..
so brushing up with Art Chicago, 2010..

Art Chicago, 2010..
April 30 - May 3, 2010..
Art Chicago is a part of Artropolis.
Artropolis: Chicago's celebration of art, antiques & culture..
Atropolis, an annual event is composed of three events..
- Art Chicago
- NEXT, and..
- The International Antiques Fair
Art Chicago is the annual international fair of contemporary and modern art..
NEXT is a showcase for the world’s emerging talents .. and..
The International Antiques Fair is one of the world’s best dealers in antiques and fine arts..

Art Chicago, 2010..
Art Chicago, 2010..

The Press Room..
The Press Room, Art Chicago, 2010..

Large Scale Sculptures..
# Countercurrents - by CSI members...
# Large Scale Indoor and Outdoor Installations...
# Blob Monster - by Tony Tasset..
# Installation of "Finish" - by Terrence Karpowicz..
# Scrape - by Dusty Folwarczny..
# Safety Star - by Victoria Fuller..

Select Galleries..
# Ann Nathan Gallery...
# Carl Hammer Gallery..
# Douglas Dawson Gallery..
# McCormick Gallery..
# Russell Bowman Gallery..
# John Palmer Fine Art Gallery..
# The CSI Gallery..
# Gallery DeNovo..
# Gallery: Harlen J. Berk, Ltd..
# Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto..
# Gallery Mark Hachem, Paris..
# Gallery: ChinaSquare, NY..

# Random images from Art Chicago, 2010..

Chicago Sculptures - 2011..

Probably the biggest addition to the permanent collection in sculptures of Chicago is
- The Runners - by Theodoros Papagiannis..

- Installation "Go Do Good" - by Kay Rosen..
- Interconnected - by Yvonne Domenge..
- Cliff Dwellers: Sculptours presents Derick Malkemus "A Small Sample"..
- Art Chicago, 2011..
- Avenue of Sculpture - CSI members [Art Chicago, 2011]...

The Runners - by Prof. Theodoros Papagiannis..

I've been documenting the installation of "The Runners" at O'Hare International Airport, for a long time..

# The Runners Dedication Ceremony..
# The Runners - Landscaping by Christy Webber Landscaping..
# The Runners - Trivia..
# The Runners by Theodoros Papagiannis [Installation: A Pictorial Documentation]..
# The Runners: Fundraising at Rosewood Banquets..
# The Runners - by Theodoros Papagiannis [Attention to details]..
# The Windy City will soon have a new symbol, "The Runners", by Theodoros Papagiannis..
# The Runners - by Theodoros Papagiannis [Finishing touches at Duroweld Co. Inc.]...
# Coffee with prof. Theodoros Papagiannis..
# International Sculpture Program of Chicago Gateway Green Project..

Merchandise Mart [Art Chicago, 2011 ]

Art Chicago, 2011..
Art Chicago, 2011..

Interior Installations..
There are about 9 interior installations. These include, sculptures, murals and mixed-media. Check out the link..Interior Installations, click here..

Outdoor Installations..
There are twenty-five sculptural pieces installed along the Orleans Street, River Drive and one on Wacker and Orleans. These installations progressed in stages, beginning on April 2, when the first set of eleven sculptures were installed..
Some images from installations..
Some images from installation process..

The CSI Team..
click here...

Some Galleries..
Art Chicago, 2011 [Some galleries that compelled me to stop! And photograph!]..

CTA Public Art..

Public Art on CTA stations are generally three types..
  • Arts In Transit..
  • Adopt A Station..
  • Chicago Public Art Group..

# Kimball Station [Hope and Renewal - by Josh Garber]..
# Kedzie Station [Round and Round - by Anne Marie Karlsen]...
# Francisco Station [Carpet - by Ellen Harvey]...
# Damen Station [American Tourister - by Ron Baron]...
# Paulina Station [Transitions- by Barbara Cooper]..
# Southport Station [Green and Yellow - by Elizabeth Fraiberg] ...
# Belmont Station [Space Junction of Energy - by Jerald Jacquard]..
# Belmont Station [We All Ride the Train Together - by David Lee Csicsko]...
# Fullerton Station [Doors Open Everywhere at Fullerton - By Michael Dinges]..
# Fullerton Station [Landslide - By Derick Malkemus]..
# Diversey Station [Arriving Home - by Dennis Oppenheim] ...
# Sedgwick Station [Time is Enemy - by Carlos "Dzine" Rolon] ...

# Kedzie Station [Coast of Chicago - by John Himmelfarb]..
# California [Amor - by Christopher Tavares Silva]..
# Western Station [Ice Cream Dream - by Hector Duarte]..
# 18th Street Station [Untitled - by Francisco Mendoza; Gallery 37 students and the Mexican Museum of National Art]...

# Roosevelt Station [Hopes and Dreams - by Juan Chavez and Corinne Peterson] ..

# ...

Specials / Misfits & Miscellaneous

Some posts dont fit into any neat category...
Here are them: Specials..
# Why I prefer sculptures over paintings..
# From the World's Columbian Exposition..
# Temporary Sculptural Exhibits - 2010..
# B.F.Feguson Monument Fund...
# Garfield Park: Agave is blooming ...
# Lincoln Park [Steelroot- by Steve Tobin] ..
# Bald Eagles of LaSalle Canyon..
# Japenese Newspaper..
# Chicago Air and Water Show - 2010..
# [Navy Pier: Aero Balloon] Chicago Skyline from Aero Balloon..
# Michigan Avenue Bridge- turns 90!..
# Ira J. Bach Walkway..
# Bronzeville Blues District - 47th Street..
# My First commissioned assignment.. ..

AIC: Art Institute of Chicago:
# AIC: Picasso's Women and their Tragic Tales...
# AIC: Femme Fatales ...
# Muses...
# AIC: Evolution of Head Sculptures...
# AIC: B.F.Feguson Monument Fund...

Vector Fabricating:
# A Day Trip to Vector Custom Fabricating..
# Fabricated at Vector Custom Fabricating..

Making of Sculptures..
# Making of Bulldog and Hydrant[Part -IV]- by Marshall Svendsen ....
# Making of Bulldog and Hydrant[Part -III]- by Marshall Svendsen ..
# Making of Bulldog and Hydrant [Part-II] - by Marshall Svendsen ..
# Making of Bulldog and Hydrant [Part-I] - by Marshall Svendsen ..
# Making of CakeWalkers - by Preston Jackson..

# Alexander Calder..
# Leonard Crunelle..
# Lorado Taft...
# Henry Moore..
# Frank de Loch ..

# Loop Clocks..
# Loop: The Great Clocks at Marshall Fields..
# Loop: Father Time..
# Loop: Exelon Plaza Clock..
# Loop: CBOT Clock..
# Loop: Peacock Clock..
# Peacock door & more ..

# Art on Roosevelt Road Bridge ...
# Roosevelt Road Bridge...
# Millennium Park [Cloud Gate- by Anish Kapoor] ...

# Sculptural Term: Contrapposto..
# Sculptural Term: In-the-Round..
# Sculptural Term: Arabesque..
# Lost Wax Method of Bronze casting..
# Architectural Term: Caryatids..
# Architectural sculpture Term: Guilloche..
# Architectural sculpture Term: Brucrania..
# ..
# ..

Chicago Sculpture International [CSI]

The CSI General Membership Meeting
Feb 2011, Ogden Avenue

Founding Members of CSI .. click here
Established in the year 2004, the Chicago Sculpture International [CSI], a non-profit organization, is an affiliate of the International Sculpture Center [ISC].  Founding members are Terry Karpowicz, Bob Emser, Nicole Beck, Christine Rojek, Tom Scarff and Barry TinselyOver the years, CSI has grown to more than 200 members.. click here..
The year 2012 is especially significant for CSI as the 23rd International Sculpture Conference
is to be held in Chicago in Oct. 2012..
Date: October 4, 2012 - to - October 6, 2012..
  • Chicago Cultural Center [78 E Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60602].. and..
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago  [37 S Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603

In preparation for the 23rd International Sculpture Conference, CSI is organizing many activities including Indoor and Outdoor exhibits..

Hal Fisher Stolz, Chief Coordinator of Outdoor Exhibits
Here Fisher is seen with his work, at Grant Park, along Lake Michigan

Outdoor  Exhibits [Temporary]...
There are 54 sculptural installations  between Museum Campus and Belmont Harbor, along the Lakefront and in Lincoln Park. I am dividing the coverage into four parts..
Part I: Grant Park  [along the Lakefront] ..  click here..
Part II: Lincoln Park .. click here.. 
Part III: Lincoln Park..  click here..
Part IV:  Diversey Harbor &  Belmont Harbor [yet to photograph]

CSI has partnered with CSE for the upcoming conference..
where CSE is Chicago Sculpture Exhibit [erstwhile Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit / LSE]

CSE Kickoff Party:
at Sedgwick Studio.. July 20, 2012
2012: CSE kickoff party at Sedgwick Studio.. click here..


Feb, 2011:  CSI General Membership Meeting [Ogden Ave] click here..
July, 2010: CSI Membership Meeting [Garfield Park] .. click here..

Finish - by Terrence Karpowicz
at 2012, Oak Park Sculpture Walk..

Temporary Exhibits by CSI
  • June 2012: CSI Temporary Exhibit, "Oak Park Sculpture Walk".. click here..
  • April, 2012: CSI Temporary Exhibit at Bridgeport Art Center.. click here..
  • October, 2011: CSI Temporary Exhibit  at Garfield Park  "Under the Golden Dome" click here..
  • November, 2010: CSI exhibit at IIT, "InvIITational".. click here..

Installation of "Flappers" - by Ruth Aizuss Migdal
at Art Chicago 2011, Merchendise Mart, "Avenue of Sculpture".

ART Chicago, at Merchandise Mart
April 2011: Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart

"Scrape" -  by Dusty Folwarczny
at Art Chicago, 2010, Merchandise Mart, "Countercurrents".

April 2010: Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart..

Vivian Visser and other CSI members
2010: "Form in Flora" at Garfield Park

Form in Flora
2011: Form in Flora at Lincoln Park .. click here
2010: Form in Flora at Garfield Park

Shapes and Spaces: Ron Gard Sculptures
Temporary Exhibit 2012 at Cliff Dwellers
Cliff Dwellers
2012: Shapes and Spaces: Ron Gard Sculptures .. click here..
2011: A Celebration of Form", by Terrence Karpowicz.. click here..
2011: A Small Sample, by Derick Malkemus.. click here..
2010: Small-Scale Sculptures - by Various Artists of Vector Fabricating.. click here..
2010: Organic Sculptures - by Vivian Visser.. click here..
More updates, as I got time..