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Christopher Columbus Monument

Christopher Columbus..
Sculptor: Carl Brioschi..
Installed: 1933
Description: Bronze figure, H 15 ft.
Location: Grant Park, Columbus Dr. at Roosevelt Rd.
Dedicated on Italian Day in 1933 at A Century of Progress, [the city's second world's fair] from the Italian-American Commuinity of Illinois ..

- Bronze statue of Columbus as he surveys the horizon, with a map in hand..
- Relief symbols of the Santa Maria, one of the 3 ships that sailed to the “New World.”

An inscription on the marble base records the historic flight of aviator General Italo Balbo and his squadron of seaplanes across the Atlantic, from Italy to Chicago. Sculptural embellishments in relief roundels on the pedestal illustrate Columbus’ ship, the Santa Maria; his tutor Toscanelli, who taught him the world was round; Amerigo Vespucci, for whom the new world was named and the city seal of Genoa, his birthplace. The busts at the four corners signify faith, courage, freedom and strength.

The City of Chicago official website describes..
Its sculptor, Carl Brioschi [1879-1941], was born in Milan and received his training in art in Italy before immigrating to New York at the turn of the century. He settled in Minnesota, where he also sculpted a Columbus monument for the State Capitol Building. Brioschi’s Chicago monument not only commemorated the arrival of Christopher Columbus [1451-1506] to the New World, but also conveyed the spirit of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Great Depression..

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Ask Please!!!

Originally posted Nov 24, 09...

UPDATE Now I got a reply back with an apology, and I am happy!
The images have now been deleted ..
Well, I got the screen capture of the "now deleted" posts on CLTV, that I have posted below .. scroll to the bottom of this article..

Original Post:
This time it is Chicagoland TV..
using images without seeking permission and/or any authorization...

Check out:
# Stump Tim & Tonya: Rosenberg Fountain..
Posted by Tonya Francisco on June 18, 2009 9:52 AM
# Stump Tim & Tonya: Bronze Cow ..
Posted by Tonya Francisco on June 11, 2009 9:49 AM
# Stump Tim & Tonya: Batcolum..
Posted by Tonya Francisco on May 29, 2009 10:41 AM

Here's my original..
# Rosenberg Fountain..
# Bronze Cow..
# Batcolumn..

What's amusing is that even my copyright signature is present on the Rosenberg Fountain images... Although clearly deleted in the Bronze Cow and the Batcolumn images. The deliberate removal of the copyright signature from the images is even more of an offensive act and absolutely unethical.

I regularly receive emails seeking permission to use my images, ... mostly by students and I have allowed almost all of them ... It feels good, when the images are used constructively ... So please feel free to ask! I do reply!

Click on the image for enlarged view ...

Art-in-Architecture Program

Art-in-Architecture program runs at state level and federal level ..
# [I] State of Illinois, Capital Development Board's Art-in-Architecture Program ..
# [II] U.S. General Services Administration Art-in-Architecture Program ..

[I] State of Illinois, Capital Development Board's Art-in-Architecture Program ..
From the Illinois Capital Development Board website .. click here

The Illinois Art-in-Architecture Program was created in 1977 under Public Act 80-241 .. to promote and preserve the arts of Illinois by securing artwork of all media for public buildings constructed with State funds. It's Capital Development Board spends one-half of one percent of the construction appropriation on the acquisition of artwork for new and renovated buildings that are open to the general public. A committee of artists, community representatives and state officials oversee each project and select the artwork.
Some public art pieces funded by this Program ..
# Freeform .. by Richard Hunt .. click here ..
# Monument with standing beast .. by Jean Dubuffet .. click here ..
# There are many art pieces at James R. Thompson Center funded by the State of Illinois, Capital Development Board's Art-in-Architecture Program ...
For more .. click here

[II] U.S. General Services Administration Art-in-Architecture Program ..
From GSA [US General Services Administration] website .. click here ...

The GSA Art in Architecture Program commissions the nation’s leading artists to create large-scale works of art for new federal buildings. GSA reserves one-half of one percent of the estimated construction cost of each new federal building to commission project artists. A panel comprised of art professionals, civic and community representatives, and the project’s lead design architect meets to discuss opportunities for artists to participate in the building project. This panel reviews a diverse pool of artist candidates and nominates finalists for GSA to evaluate. Artists who receive federal commissions work with the project architects and others as members of a design team to ensure that the artworks are meaningfully integrated into the overall project.
Some public art pieces funded by this Program ..
# Batcolum .. by Claes Oldenburg .. click here ..
# The Town-Ho's Story .. by Frank Stella .. click here ..
# Ruins - III .. by Nita Sunderland .. click here ...
# The Flamingo .. by Alexander Calder..
For more .. click here ...

Arts-in-Transit program

In August, 2005 ... the Chicago Transit Board approved an intergovernmental agreementto create an initiative that pairs the Chicago Transit Authority and the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs in providing more artwork at CTA rail stations. The two agencies will partner to select artists and artwork for CTA stations.

As part of the agreement, the City will continue to administer the solicitation, selection, design, creation and installation of public art on behalf of the CTA. The CTA will make the final selection of artwork and maintain ownership rights to all artwork created under this program.

Chicago Transit Board Chairman Carole Brown said ..
"Public art adds to the overall appearance of rail stations and promotes a friendly, inviting atmosphere" ...

Check out:
Art in Transit ..
Station Artwork Guide ..

Native Americans

Sometime in March, 2010, I had begun researching on a very interesting theme..
Native American Representation in the Public Art Square of here..
It will be my an ongoing endeavour to highlight whatever materials I get on this theme, including their customs and traditions which find expressions in art form.. However although I began my probe into the realm of Public Art, I will enlarge the scope into whatever art form I get, including architecture, in the form of architectural sculptures..

# Native American in Art Scene of Chicago [INTRODUCTION]..
# A Signal of Peace - by Cyrus Edwin Dallin..
# The Indian Alarm - By John J. Boyle..
# The Sun Vow - By Hermon Atkins MacNeil..
# The Moqui Runner - By Hermon Atkins MacNeil..
# Pocahontas - By Joseph Mozier..
# On the War Trail - By Alexander Proctor..
# End of Trail - James Earle Fraser..
# Article: Domestication of Dogs..
# Totem Pole: Big Beaver...
# The Marquette Building..
# Jacques Marquette Memorial - By Hermon Atkins MacNeil..
# Illinois Centennial Monument..
# Lakeside Press pressmark..

# ..

Special Projects

What are Special Projects?
What exactly are "special projects" ... I could not find the answer ...
I am guessing, it refers to temporary exhibits ...

However I could find some information on the the projects implemented as special projects ... The Public Art Program oversees special projects that further contribute to the cultural enrichment of Chicago by creating and placing artwork in public and occasionally unexpected sites.

The city's first large-scale temporary project was "Botero in Chicago" [1994]. This was followed by "Horses, Rabbits, People Everywhere" [1996]. However, perhaps the most broadly known temporary project was "Cows on Parade" [1999]. This was followed two years later by "Suite Home Chicago" [2001], an exhibition that brought suits of fiberglass furniture to the strees. Other special project includes "America's Courtyard" by Denise Milan and Amy Perez, which is a permanent installation, south of the Adler Planitarium ... and the temporary "Three Forms for Chicago" by David Nash, both in the Museum Campus.

Two special projects utilizing the unique feature of Chicago River cutting through the heart of the city, were especially popular. Herbert Migdoll's "Swimmers" [2002]was composed of four 60-foot long depiction of swimmers installed alongside the river. Nancy Van Meer's monumental paintings were installed on the underside of the State Street Bridge and only visible to the general public when the bridge was raised, but visible at all times to anyone on a boat.

So Special Projects includes:
# Botero in Chicago: 1994
# Horses, Rabbits, People Everywhere: 1996
# Cows on Parade: 1999
# Suite Home Chicago: 2001
# America's Courtyard: by Denise Milan and Ary Perez
# Three Forms for Chicago: by David Nash
# Swimmers: 2002 by Herbert Migdoll
# Nancy Van Meer's monumental paintings ..

Some Special Projects [of Public Art program] as shown in this blog includes:
# Bronze Cow .. click here ..
# Heymarket Memorial .. click here ...
# Three forms for Chicago ... click here ...
# America's Courtyard ... click here ...

The Chicago Public Art Guide .. by Department of Cultural Affairs ...

For policies that shape public art in Chicago .. click here ...

Index: Temporary Exhibits


2011: Forever Marilyn - by J. Seward Johnson .. click here..
2009: Angel Wings of Victoria's Secret.. click here..
2008: God Bless America - by J. Steward Johnson .. click here..
2008: King Lear - by J. Steward Johnson .. click here..
The Moose - by John Kearney .. click here..

# Fly's Eye Dome ..[ Artist: Buckminster Fuller ..] Art Chicago, May, 2009
# Art Chicago, May 2009..

# City Beautiful Art Installations - I [2009]..
# City Beautiful Art Installations - II [2009] ..

# Cool Globes - by various artists ...
Temporary exhibit from ... June - September, 2007 ..
# 2007 Cool Globes - I of III - Various Artists here ..

2011: Interconnected - Sculptures of Yvonne Domenge..  click here..
2009: Burnham Pavilion - by UNStudio..   click here....
2009: Burnham Pavilion- by Zaha Hadid.. click here.. 
2009: A Conversation with Chicago - Various artists.. click here.. 
2008: Have No Narrow Perspective - by Ryan and Trevor Oakes .. click here..
2008: Museum of Modern Ice at the Millennium Park - by Gordon Halloran .. click here..
2007: Sculptures by Mark di Suvero .. click here..

2007:  Niki in the Garden - by Niki de Saint Phalle ..
# For images .. click here ...

Lakefront Sculpture Exhibits:
# 2009 - Bridge - By Jennifer Dickson  .. click here .
2009: Boing - By Michael Gruza].. click here ..
2008: Balm Oh - By John Adduci ... click here ..
# 2008: Abduction  - By Ron Gard... click here ..
# 2006: Open - By Pat McDonald.. click here..
2003: Renaissance Man - By Boban Ilic .. click here .

Mayor Daley's Graffiti Blasters

Graffiti is art or vandalism???
That is debatable ...
However, the city of Chicago has a prgram to eliminate graffiti ..

In 1993, Mayor Daley started a program called "Graffiti Blasters" .. to eliminate graffiti and vandalism in the city. The scheme promises free cleanup within 24 hours of a phone call to 3-1-1.

Prior to the program's inception, the city considered itself responsible for removing graffiti if it was on city property, but private property owners had to shoulder the cleanup costs for graffiti on their own property. The "Graffiti Blasters" program offers a free removal service even to private property owners.

It uses soluble abrasives [baking soda combined with high pressure water] and paints matching the city's official color scheme to erase all varieties of graffiti.

To report graffiti or request its removal, call the city's service request line at 3-1-1.

For more on Mayor Daley's Graffiti Blasters .. click here ..

Policies that shape public art in Chicago

# Percentage-for-Art Ordinance [1978] ..
# Special Projects..
# Arts-in-Architecture Program...
# Mayor Daley's Graffiti Blasters [1993]..
# Arts-in-Transit program [2005]...

# Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit ...
# ..

City of Chicago "Public Art Program"..

In 1978, the City Council of the City of Chicago passed a Percent-for-Art ordinance that requires 1.33% of the construction or renovation budget for City-owned buildings be set aside for artwork on the premises. It maybe commission or purchase of artworks for those buildings. The purpose of this law is to provide the citizens of Chicago with an improved public environment by enhancing city buildings with quality works of art by professional artists.

Also in 1978, the Chicago Public Art Program was established to implement the city's Percent-for-Art Ordinance, enacted in 1978.
The Public Art Program ...
- recognizes the importance of the artistic expression of local and international artists..
- desires to enhance its public structures and environment through artwork located in public places ...
- will enhance Chicago's stature as a national leader in public art ..

The Department of Cultural Affairs is charged with administering Percentage-For-Art law in cooperation with other city departments. The result of this cooperation is the establishment of Public Art Committee.

The Public Art Committee oversees the implementation of the Percent for Art Program. Project Advisory Panels are appointed for each site to recommend artists for commissions. These panels bring together architects, arts professionals, community representatives, and city personnel. The Public Art Committee reviews proposed construction projects and determines eligible Public Art Program projects, determines how the Public Art Program funds will be spent for each project, reviews the recommendation of the Project Advisory Panel regarding the artist(s) and artwork(s) to be selected, and makes the final selection of the artist(s) and artwork(s) to be commissioned or purchased by the Department of Cultural Affairs for each Public Art Program project.

The Public Art Programs have been established across the country in 200 states, counties and municipalities, to provide an effective vehicle for the commissioning and placement of such artwork ..

Since this "Public-Art-Program" has been adopted, the public art in chicago has grown by leaps and bounds ...and has enabled Chicago to build one of the finest collections of contemporary public art in the world.

For more on Percentage-for-Art Ordinance .. click here

For policies that shape public art in Chicago .. click here ...

The Art Institute of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago...

I have divided the topics in categories like:
- Architecture
- Architectural Ornamentation
- Galleries
- Gardens
- Dining
- Public Art
- B.F.Feguson Monument Fund
- Artists - Sculptors & Painters

# AIC: The Franke Reading Room..
# AIC: Modern Wing..
# The Nicholas Bridgeway - By Renzo Piano..
# AIC: [Original] Stock Exchange Trading Room..
# AIC: [Original] Chicago Stock Exchange Arch

Architectural Ornamentation..
# AIC: Coffered Ceiling..
# AIC: Freizes..
# AIC: Planters with bucrania..

# Galleries of Asian Art....
# Galleries of Asian Art - II ..
# Galleries of European Art: Impressionism..
# Galleries of European Art: Post-Impressionism..
# Galleries of American Art..
# Galleries of American Art-II..
# Galleries of American Art: Sculpture Court..
# Galleries of Contemporary Art..

# AIC: The South Garden...
# AIC: The North Garden..
# AIC: The Pritzker Garden..
# AIC: East Gardens..
# AIC: McKinlock Court..

# AIC: Garden Cafe.. &.. McKinlock Court..
# AIC: Terzo Piano
# AIC: Balcony Cafe

Public Art..
# Public art at the Art Institute of Chicago..
# The Lions - By Edward Kemeys....
# The South Garden...
# Landscaped Garden - By Dan Kiley....
# Fountain of Great Lakes - By Lorado Taft..
# The North Garden..
# Large Interior Form - By Henry Moore....
# Cubi VII - By David Smith..
# Flying Dragon - By Alexander Calder..
# The Pritzker Garden.
# East Gardens..
# Noguchi Fountain...
# The Nicholas Bridgeway - By Renzo Piano..
# Fountain of the Tritons - By Carl Milles..
# Chicago Stock Exchange Arch
# Swami Vivekanand Way....

B.F.Feguson Monument Fund..
# B.F.Feguson Monument Fund...

Artists: Sculptors, Painters & Others..
# Alberto Giacometti..
# Alexander Calder - Flying Dragon..
# Alexander Proctor: On the War Trail..
# Auguste Rodin - Adam & Eve after the Fall..
# Carl Milles- Fountain of the Tritons
# Chauncey Bradley Ives - Jephtha's Daughter...
# Claes Oldenburg - Clothespin..
# Constantin Emile Meunier - The Hammerman..
# Cristoforo Stati - Samson and The Lion ..
# Cy Twombly - Untitled [2005]..
# Daniel Chester French - Truth...
# Daniel Chester French - Abraham Lincoln ...
# Daniel Chester French - Abraham Lincoln..
# David Smith - Cubi VII.
# Edward Kemeys - The Lions..
# Ellsworth Kelly..
# Frederic Remington - The Bronco Buster..
# Frederic Remington - Coming through the Rye..
# Frederic Remington - The Old Dragoons of 1850..
# Hermon Atkins MacNeil - The Sun Vow..
# Hermon Atkins MacNeil - The Moqui Runner..
# Henry Moore..
# Henry Moore - Large Interior Form.
# Hiram Powers - Mr & Mrs Potter Palmer...
# Isamu Noguchi - Miss Expanding Universe..
# Isamu Noguchi - Noguchi Fountain...
# James Earle Fraser - The End of Trail..
# Lorado Taft - The Solitude of Soul
# Lorado Taft - The Solitude of Soul..
# Lorado Taft - Fountain of Great Lakes..
# Tiffany Lampshade
# Pablo Picasso..
# Pablo Picasso - The Old Guitarist..
# Randolph Rogers - The Lost Pleiade..
# Randolph Rogers - Nydia, The Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii...
# Richmond Barthé - The Boxer..
# William Hamo Thornycroft - Teucer, Brother of Ajex..

# ...
# ...

AIC: Sculpture Court

Sculpture Court at the Art Institute of Chicago [AIC] ..
Gallery 161..

As of now, my favourite place at the Art Institute is the Sculpture Court.. and I wish and intend to document all the sculptures here..
So far, this is what I have..

# Chauncey Bradley Ives - Jephthas's Daughter ..
# Daniel Chester French - Truth..
# Daniel Chester French - Abraham Lincoln..
# Hermon Atkins MacNeil - The Sun Vow..
# Hiram Powers - Mr. and Mrs. Potter Palmer...
# Lorado Taft - The Solitude of Soul..
# Randolph Rogers - Nydia, The Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii..
# Randolph Rogers - The Lost Pleiade..
# ...

neoclassicism is a term used to describe works of art that are influenced stylistically or thematically by classical Greek and Roman sources. the origin of Neoclassical style lie with discovery of ancient Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, which had been buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. The preserved cultural artifacts of these cities educated and inspired European archaeologists, artists and collectors during the first half of the 18th century.The German art historian Johann Joachim Wickelmann's extensive and enthusiastic writings about the achievements of Greek sculptors encouraged artists to pursue classical forms and ideals as well.

European and American artists adopted Neoclassicism for aesthetic and cultural reasons and the style flourished during the revolutionary periods in France and the United States. The appropriation of classical forms suggested learning, democratic values, moral virtues and a sophisticated appreciation of beauty, each considered essential components in the development of a nation. Painters, sculptors, architects and democratic artists employed simple, flowing lines, restrained ornaments and idealized figures to impart their lofty aim to the public. American Neoclassical sculptures was produced by artists such as Horatio Greenough, Hiram Powers and Harriet Hosmer, who traveled to Rome and Florence during the first half of the 19th century to study with European masters.

Artistic Training in Italy and France..
Horatio Greenough, Hiram Powers and Thomas Crawford were among the first American sculptors to have traveled to Italy in the 1830's to study Classical and Renaissance sculptures. Prior to this, the American demand for historical monuments and portrait busts was met by European masters trained in the Neoclassical style. Because of the first generation success abroad, a second group of sculptors, which included William Westmore Story, Harriet Hosmer and Randolph Rogers, moved to Italy in the 1850's. While still influenced by classical models, the younger sculptors were also inspired by literature, and they imbued their sculptures with greater degree of naturalism and drama.

By the 1850's many artists began to model first in clay and then replicate their work in bronze, a technique that produced a higher degree of modeling. French sculptors such as Antoine -Louis Barge [1796-1875] ushered in a new style that emphasized movement and vitality over the sedate and controlled manner of Neoclassicism. the Ecole des Beauz Arts in Paris soon emerged as the new center for sculptures and Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Daniel Chester French were the first American sculptors to train there. Their dynamic bronzes, which illustrate effects of light and shadow, reveal a new direction in American sculptures.

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Help Identify

Your help is needed in identifying these..
Public Art..

# Old Town Gates...
# At the Cliff Dwellers ...

Architecture and Cityscape..
# What's this? at the Chicago Cultural Center

Thanks for the help..
Mystery solved..
Public Art..
# Tile Murals at intersection of Federal St and Van Buren St..
# Sculptures on the Roosevelt Road bridge..
# Who is this artist?..

# City Hall-County Building - Keystone ornamentation ...
# Freizes on the facade of the Art Institute of Chicago..

Nudes in Arts

Bronze "The Tub" - by Edgar Degas

It's very difficult to find works that are able to materialize the fantastic conjunction of the Nude with Art. Only a few masters in the history of art were able to pass this test. The true essence of art is beauty, joined with the sensuality of the nude, often confused with vulgarity. Nudity is always disquieting, instigating and surprising. So the artist, both in painting and in sculpture, in dancing or in photography, discovers in the nude a profound link with the pureness of being. Sensuality stimulates creativity in every sense. Sensuality also evokes love, passion and the creation of man. This is why nudity moves us so profoundly...
- Ariano Cavalcanti de Paula

# Nudes in Arts [Introduction]..
# Idealized Female Beauty..
# "Truth" by Daniel Chester French..
# Edgar Degas - "Looking through a Keyhole"..
# The Kiss - by Auguste Rodin ...
# Links to some classics - paintings & sculptures..

Art is never pure, we should keep it far away from the innocent ignorant. We should never let people approach. Yes, art is dangerous. If it is pure it is not art..
- Pablo Picasso

Murals and mosaics

Outdoor Murals..
# Rora - by Ginny Sykes..
# Flight of Daedalus and Icarus... by Roger Brown..
# Four Seasons .. by March Chagall..
# Riverwalk Gateway.. by Ellen Lanyon..
# Growing 2008..
# Living 2007..
# Hubbard Street Murals...
# The Good Stew..
# Mural tiles on New Franklin Building..
# The Wall of Daydreaming and Man's Inhumanity too man..
# Bronzeville..
# Chinese in America..

# ??? Unknown - help identify..

# Hopes and Dreams.. by Juan Chavez and Corinne Peterson..
# CTA: Amor at California ..

Indoor Murals..
# Wall murals at Elk's National Memorrial..

Facebook Albums

I guess, it's best to use Facebook Album in conjecture with my Blogs..
My Facebook Albums [yet in very initial stages] can be summarized in various categories:
- Contemporary Scuptors of Chicago
- More Sculptures
- More Sculptors
- Chicago - Architecture
- Chicago - Cityscape

Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Richard Hunt..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Tony Tasset..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Terrence Karpowicz...
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Dessa Kirk..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Ruth Aizuss Migdal..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Sharon Bladholm..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Jennifer Dickson..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - John Adduci..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Ted "Sitting Crow" Garner..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - The CSI team..
# Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Various Artists..

More Sculptures..
# Art Institute of Chicago - Figural Sculptures..
# Public Sculptures on the Magnificient Mile - Refrigerator Art ..
# Art Chicago, 2010..
# Art Chicago - 2010 [By CSI team] ...

More Sculptors..
# Sculptor: Lorado Taft ..

Chicago Architecture..
# The legacy of Louis Sullivan..
# Auditorium Building..
# Chicago Cultural Center..

Chicago: Cityscape..
# Air and Water Show-2010 ...
# Changing Seasons..
# Navy Pier - View from Aeroballoon..

# ..
# ..
# ..

Sculptors, Artists & [in some cases] Architects

Here's a list of sculptors and artists whose works have been displayed in this blog.. Although it is customary to put the last name first, but I'm putting the first name first..
Also check out, the Art Institute of Chicago.. for sculptors & artists.. click here..

# Abbott Pattison - Pavane to Chicago..
# Abbott Pattison - Chicago Totem..
# Abbottt Pattison- The Great Teacher..
# Adolph A. Weinman - sculptures "Fraternity" & "Patriotism" [Elks Memorial]..
# Adolph A. Weinman - frieze [Elks Memorial].
# Adrian Calderon [article]..
# Albin Polasek - The Sower..
# Albin Polasek - Theodore Thomas Memorial..
# Albin Polasek - Tomas Garrigue Masaryk Memorial..
# Alexander Calder - The Flamingo.
# Alexander Calder - Flying Dragon..
# Alexander Calder - Red, Black and Blue [Mobile sculpture].
# Alexander Calder - Universe..
# Alexander Calder
# Alexander Liberman - Argo..
# Alison Saar - Monument to the Great Northern Migration..
# Alvin Meyer - Sculptural Reliefs [CBOT building].
# Alvin Meyer - Sculptural Reliefs [Riverside Plaza] ...
# Anne Marie Karlsen - Round and Round [CTA]...
# Andrew J. Lidgus - Where Dreams Begin..
# Anish Kapoor - Cloud Gate / The Bean [Millennium Park]..
# Andy Warhol - Silver Clouds..
# Arnaldo Pomodoro - Disk in the form of Desert Rose..
# Arnaldo Pomodoro - Grande Disc..
# Arnaldo Pomodoro - Grande Radar ...
# Antoine Pevsner - Construction in Space..
# Arvid Strauss - Christ of the Loop..
# Auguste Rodin - Adam [AIC]
# Auguste Rodin - Eve after the Fall [AIC]
# Auguste Rodin - The Kiss..
# Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Abraham Lincoln Monument..
# Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Abraham Lincoln Statue..
# Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Storks at Play..
# Augustus Saint-Gaudens - General John Logan Memorial.
# Barbara Cooper - Transitions [CTA]..
# Barry Hehemann [article]...
# Barry Hehemann - Shark Bench..
# Bela Lyon Pratt - Nathan Hale ..
# Bertel Thorvaldsen - Monument to Nicolaus Copernicus..
# Bob Emser [article]..
# Bob Emser - Wind Surfer.
# Boban Ilic - Renaissance Man..
# Buckminster Fuller - Fly's Eye Dome
# Burnham & Root - Union Stock Yard Gate...
# Carl Brioschi - Christopher Columbus Monument ..
# Carl Johan Dyfverman - Carl von Linne Monument..
# Carl Milles - Fountain of the Tritons..
# Carlos "Dzine" Rolon - Time is Enemy [CTA]..
# Carole A. Feuerman ...
# Charles J. Mulligan - Independence Square..
# Charles J. Mulligan - Lincoln, The Railsplitter..
# Christine Rojek [article]..
# Christine Rojek - Rubber Tipped Crane
# Christine Rojek - Ecce Hora
# Christine Rojek at work
# Christopher Tavares Silva - Amor [CTA]..
# Claes Oldenburg - Batcolumn
# Count Jacques de La Laing - LaSalle Monument
# Cristoforo Stati - Samson and the Lion [AIC]
# Dale Chihuly - Blown Glass Sculpture [Milwaukee Art Museum]..
# Dale Chihuly - A New Eden [Frederik Meijer Gardens]
# Daniel Chester French - Statue of The Republic..
# Daniel Chester French - Truth [AIC]
# Daniel Chester French - Abraham Lincon - standing [AIC]...
# Daniel Chester French - Bulls with Maiden.
# Daniel Chester French - Tomb of Marshall Field [Graceland Cemetery, Chicago]..
# Daniel Chester French - Victory..
# Daniel Chester French - Lincoln Statue [Washington DC]
# Daniel Chester French - Head of Victory [Washington DC]..
# Daniel Chester French - Continents [NY City] ...
# Daniel Burnham & John Root - Union Stockyard Gate
# David Lee Csicsko - We All Ride the Train Together [CTA]...
# David Smith - Cubi VII..
# David Nash - Three Forms for Chicago..
# Denise Milan - America's Courtyard..
# Dennis Oppenheim - Arriving Home CTA]
# Derick Malkemus - Landslide[CTA]..
# Dessa Kirk - Daphne [Northerly Island]..
# Dessa Kirk - Magdalene [Grant Park]..
# Dessa Kirk - Lilies [Grant Park]..
# Derick Malkemus [article]..
# Dusty Folwarczny - Give..
# Edward Bennett - Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain..
# Edward Francis McCartan - Eugene Field Memorial..
# Edward Kemeys - The Lions..
# Edward Kemeys - calumets & panther heads [Marquette building doors]
# Edward Kemeys - Bronze heads [Marquette building lobby]
# Edward Kemeys - Bisons [Humboldt Park]..
# Ed McCullough [article]..
# Ed McCullough - Meridian VIII..
# Ed McCullough - Meridian VII..
# Edouard Chassaing - Hope and Help..
# Edwin Howland Blashfield - murals [Elks Memorial]
# Egon Weiner - Pillar of Fire..
# Egon Weiner - Polyphony..
# Egon Weiner - Brotherhood...
# Ellen Harvey - Carpet [CTA ]...
# Ellen Lanyon - Riverwalk Gateway..
# Ellsworth Kelly - Curve XXII [1981]..
# Eliel Saarinen - Alexander Hamilton Memorial ..
# Elizabeth Fraiberg - Green and Yellow [CTA] ...
# Elisabeth Frink - [Bust] Sir George Solti...
# Eric H. Steele - Urban Totems..
# Eric W. Stephenson [article]..
# Eric Stephenson - Emergence #11..
# Erik Blome - [Bust] Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable..
# Ernst B. Rau - Schiller Monument..
# Eugene Francis Savage - [murals] Elks Memorial
# Evelyn Beatrice Longman - The Illinois Centennial Monument..

# Frank Gehry - Jay Pritzker Pavilion [Millennium Park]
# Frank Gehry - Pedestrian Bridge [Millennium Park]
# Francisco Mendoza - Untitled [CTA]...
# Franz Machtl - Rosenberg Fountain..
# Frank Stella - The Town-Ho's Story...
# Frederick C. Hibbard - Garden Girl..
# Frederick C. Hibbard - Eagle Fountains...
# Frederick C. Hibbard - Greene Vardiman Black..
# Ginny Sykes [article]..
# Ginny Sykes - Rora..
# Gutzon Borglum - Abraham Lincoln [IIT Campus]..
# Gutzon Borglum - General Philip H. Sheridan
# Gutzon Borglum - John Peter Altgeld Momument..
# Harry Bertoia - Sounding Sculpture..
# Healy & Millet - G.A.R Rotunda [Chicago Cultural Center]
# Healy & Millet - Stencils [Original] Stock Exchange Trading Room..
# Hector Duarte -Ice Cream Dream [CTA]..
# Henri Azaz - Hands of Peace..
# Henry Hering- [relief sculptures]"Defence" & "Regeneration"..
# Henry Moore - Chicago Pile-1 (CP-1)..
# Herbert Ferber - Untitled..
# Hermon Atkins MacNeil - Jacques Marquette Memorial [1926] ..
# Hermon Atkins MacNeil - The Sun Vow [AIC]..
# Herman Atkins MacNeil - bronzes [Marquette building]..
# Hermon Atkins MacNeil - [Relief] Cook County Bldg...
# Henry Moore - Nuclear Energy..
# Henry Moore - [Sundial] Man Enters the Cosmos..
# Henry Moore - Large Interior Form..
# Henry Manger - Drexel Fountain..
# Herman Hahn - Johann Wolfgang von Gothe Monument..
# Hubertus von der Goltz - Crossing..
# Hugo Weber - Bust of Mies van der Rohe[1961]..
# Isamu Noguchi - Noguchi Fountain..
# Isamu Noguchi - Miss Expanding Universe..
# Ivan Mestrovic - The Bowman and The Spearman..
# James Earle Fraser- Heroic Sculptures[Elks Memorial]
# James Earle Fraser- [relief sculptures]"Pioneers" & "Discoverers"
# J.A.Holzer - Mosaics [Marquette Building]
# J.A.Holzer - Preston Bradley Hall
# Jeff Decker - Hill Climber..
# Jennifer Dickson [article].
# Jennifer Dickson - Bridge..
# Jennifer Dickson - Being There/ There Being
# Jerald Jacquard - Space Junction of Energy [CTA ]..
# Jean Jacques Porret - Bronze Sculptures
# Joan Miro - Chicago..
# John Adduci [article]...
# John Adduci - My Pi..
# John Adduci - Balm Oh..
# John Bradley Storrs - Ceres [CBOT]...
# John Himmelfarb - Coast of Chicago [CTA]
# John Kearney - Moose..
# John Kearney - Tin Man..
# Joseph Strachovsky - Karel Havlicek Memorial...
# Juan Chavez - Hopes and Dreams..
# John Gelert - Hans Cristian Andersen Monument..
# John Henry - Arris..
# John Henry - Bridgeport..
# John Henry - Forecast..
# Jaume Plensa - Crown Fountain [Millennium Park]..
# Jerry McKenna - Jack Brickhouse Memorial..
# Josh Garber - Hope and Renewal [CTA]..
# Julian Martinez - Benito Juarez sculpture..

# Kasimir Chodsinski - Thaddeus Kosciuzsko Memorial..
# Laura Gardin Fraser - Reclining Elks [Elks Memorial]...
# Laura Gardin Fraser - sculptures "Earth" & "Air" [Elks Memorial] ...
# Leonard Crunelle - Dove Girl, Turtle Boy, Crane Girl, Fisher Boy..
# Leonard Crunelle - Heald Square Monument..
# Leonard Crunelle - Victory Monument..
# Leonard Crunelle - Richard J. Oglesby..
# Leonardo Nierman - Flame of the Millennium..
# Leonard W. Volk - Volunteer Firefighters Monument..
# Leonard W. Volk - Our Heroes: Civil War Monument..
# Leonard W. Volk - self-portrait..
# Leonard W. Volk - Stephen A. Douglas Tomb..
# Lorado Taft.. [in Chicago]
# Lorado Taft - Fountain of Time..
# Lorado Taft - Fountain of the Great Lakes..
# Lorado Taft - Heald Square Monument..
# Lorado Taft - The Solitude of Soul [AIC]
# Lorado Taft - Eternal Silence [Tomb of Dexter Graves]..
# Lorado Taft - Crusader [Tomb of Victor F. Lawson]..
# Lorado Taft - Idyl [Garfield Park Conservatory]..
# Lorado Taft - Pastoral [Garfield Park Conservatory]..
# Lorado Taft - Iroquois Memorial Plaque
# Lorado Taft - The Eternal Indian / Blackhawk [Oregon, IL]
# Lorado Taft in Oregon, IL
# Lorado Taft - Alma Mater [UIUC, IL]
# Lorado Taft - Fountain of Creation [UIUC, IL}
# Lorado Taft - Blind [Krannert Art Museum, Urbana-Champaign, IL}
# Lorado Taft - Krannert Art Museum, Urbana-Champaign, IL
# Lucy Slivinski [article]..
# Ludovico De Luigi - San Marco -II..
# Louis Comfort Tiffany - Tiffany Dome [Marshall Fields / Macy's]...
# Louis Rebisso - Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.
# Louis Sullivan -[original] Chicago Stock Exchange Entrance Arch..
# Louis Sullivan -[original] Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room..
# Louis Sullivan - Tomb of Henry H. Getty..
# Louis Sullivan - Tomb of Martin A. Ryerson..
# Marc Chagall - Four Seasons..
# Marc Chagall - American Windows..
# Mark di Suvero - Orion & Johnny Appleseed..
# Marshall Svendsen [article]..
# Mary Brogger - Recognition Panels..
# Mary Brogger - Haymarket Memorial..
# Magdalena Abakanowicz - Agora..
# Michael Dinges - Doors Open Everywhere at Fullerton [CTA]..
# Michael Gruza - Boeing..
# Michael Martino - Captain on the Helm..
# Mike Baur - Temporary Exhibit at Willis Tower..
# Mike Baur - Furrow..
# Mike Helbing [article]..
# Milton Horn - Chicago Rising from the Lake..
# Milton Horn - Rites of Spring..
# Neil Goodman - Sculptures..
# Nicole Beck [article]..
# Nicole Beck - Binary Project, 2000..
# Niki de Saint Phalle..
# Nita Sunderland - Ruins -III..
# Norman Tait - The Big Beaver..
# Oskar Gross - Mural tiles[ New Franklin Building]..

# Pablo Picasso - Untitled/ known as Picasso [Daley Plaza]...
# Pablo Picasso - Head of a Woman [AIC]..
# Picasso's women and their tragic tales [article] ...
# Preston Jackson [article].
# Preston Jackson - II [article]...
# Preston Jackson - Irv Kupcinet Memorial..
# Preston Jackson - Knocking on Freedom's Door..
# Preston Jackson - Flight of Cakewalkers..
# Preston Jackson - Outside History..
# Preston Jackson - Stainless Steel Metaphors..
# Renzo Piano - The Nicholas Bridgeway..
# Richard Henry Park - Benjamin Franklin Monument
# Richard Henry Park - Drake Fountain
# Richard H. Park - Charles J. Hull Monument...
# Richard Howard Hunt [article] ...
# Richard Hunt - Freefrom..
# Richard Hunt - We Will..
# Richard Hunt - Eagle Columns
# Richard Hunt - Why...
# Richard Hunt - Slabs of Sunburnt West..
# Richard Hunt - Illinois River Landscape..
# Richard Lioppard - Radient One...
# Richard Serra - Reading Cones..
# Robert Berks - Carolus Linnaeus..
# Ron Baron - American Tourister [CTA]...
# Ron Gard - Abduction..
# Rosetta - Siblings..
# Russell Secrest - Harris Bank Fountain[1935] ..
# Ruth Aizuss Midgal [article]..
# Ryan and Trevor Oakes - Have no narrow perspective ..
# Seward Johnson - Forever Marilyn..
# Seward Johnson - God Bless America
# Seward Johnson - King Lear..
# Seward Johnson - crack the Whip..
# Seward Johnson - Allow Me
# Seward Johnson - Time Out..
# Sharon Bladholm [article]...
# S. Thomas Scraff [article]..
# S. Thomas Scarff - Memorial to Fallen 21 [2004]..
# S. Thomas Scarff - Fighter and Fountain..
# Steinunn Thorarinsdottir - Horizons -Temporary Exhibit]..
# Sol LeWitt - Lines in Four Directions..
# Ted Sitting Crow Garner [article]..
# Terrence Karpowicz [article] ..
# Terrence Karpowicz - Earth's Psyche..
# Terrence Karpowicz - Symbiotic Parralax..
# Terrence Karpowicz - Concurrence..
# Terrence Karpowicz - Is it Too Late..
# Terrence Karpowicz - The Athlete..
# Tony Tasset - Eye and Cardinal..
# Tony Tasset - Paul ..
# Tony Tasset - Blob Monstter..

# Victor E. Gherardi - Giuseppi Garibaldi..
# Virginio Ferrari - Dialogo..
# Virginio Ferrari - Being Born..
# Vivian Visser - organic sculptures..
# William Carlson - Allele..
# William Carlson- Delicato Balencia..
# William Ordway Partridge - Shakespeare Monument..
# Yaacov Agam - Communication X9..
# Zaha Hadid - Burnham Pavilion..

Washington- New York..
# Lorado Taft - Christopher Columbus Monument [Washington DC]..
# Constantino Brumidi - Apotheosis of Washington [Washington DC]..
# Thomas Crawford - Statue of Freedom [Washington DC]
# Leo Friedlander - Arts of War & Arts of Peace [Washington DC]..
# Robert Mills - Washington Monument [Washington DC] ..
# Daniel Chester French - Lincoln Statue [Washington DC] ..
# Franklin Simmons - Peace Monument [Washington DC]..

# ...
# ...
# ...

# Juan Chavez - Hopes and Dreams [CTA]
# Corinne Peterson - Hopes and Dreams [CTA]..